Another GULF Is Possible…

We believe Another Gulf (of Mexíco) IS Possible: we can achieve a self-determined, just, sustainable, vibrant future for our region. It is towards this vision that we work as a collaborative entity. AND, there is an intentional double meaning in the naming of our formation which feels critical to bring up in this moment of […]

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LNG and SpaceX should not be neighbors

LNG and SpaceX should not be neighbors For the last four years, the Save RGV from LNG coalition, and partner organizations in South Texas have been organizing to prevent the permitting and construction of three proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals: Rio Grande LNG, Texas LNG, and Annova LNG and pipelines. These LNG terminals […]

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“Dear Secretary Zinke and BOEM”

Dear Secretary Zinke and Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management, On Thursday, January 4th, your Draft Proposed Program (DPP) for the 2019-2024 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program (2019-2024 Program or Program) announced a significant policy shift allowing oil and gas drilling as close as 3 miles to shore along the entirety of […]

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Dear President Obama, Love the Gulf

Dear (Still) President Obama, You know us and you know our stories. You know our tragedies, our disasters, and our peril – Katrina, Rita, the BP oil disaster, daily oil spills and all-too-regular fossil fuel related accidents. Not to mention, we’re losing a football field of wetlands an hour in Louisiana, caused by the combined […]

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