Rio Grande LNG Carbon Capture is a sham!

June 3, 2021 

To: County Judge Eddie Trevino, Jr.

Commissioner Sofia Benavides 

Commissioner David A. Garza

Commissioner Gus Ruiz 

Commissioner Joey Lopez 

Subject: Reject the Resolution for Rio Grande LNG Carbon Capture 

Dear Judge Trevino and Commissioners,

We, the below signed Rio Grande Valley residents and organizations, request that Cameron County listen to their constituents and reject the resolution supporting NextDecade’s proposed carbon capture and storage facility for the Rio Grande LNG export terminal at the Port of Brownsville. Carbon capture is still an untested and unproven technology. This proposal is an attempt to make a massive fracked gas project appear environmentally friendly. In reality, it will not fix the dangerous environmental and public health impacts on the community, which cannot be fixed by this proposed carbon capture facility.

There is tremendous local opposition to LNG in the Rio Grande Valley and we will continue to oppose the gas project. The communities of South Padre Island, Port Isabel, Laguna Vista, and Long Island Village have all passed anti-LNG resolutions, In 2016, the Point Isabel School District rejected the chapter 313 tax abatement for Rio Grande LNG. The Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas, the original Native people of the region, are also speaking out against the fracked gas terminal because construction and operations would destroy lands that are sacred to the Tribe. Opposition to the project is ongoing, including several active lawsuits.

Rio Grande LNG’s efforts to “greenwash,” or attempt to make the project appear environmentally friendly, by installing a carbon capture and storage facility is a sham. Rio Grande LNG would release 161 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MMT CO2e) each year. These greenhouse gas emissions come from the entire dirty fracked gas process from extraction, transport, liquefaction, shipping, and end-use. Rio Grande LNG offers no specific emissions reduction goal or plan for reducing the harms associated with fracking for gas. Research found that methane emissions in the Permian Basin, where the gas is fracked, are leaking about 60% higher than the reported national average leakage rate. Methane emissions are 86 times more destructive to the climate than carbon dioxide. 

There is no such thing as the “greenest LNG project,” as NextDecade refers to the proposed Rio Grande LNG project. In fact, Rio Grande LNG would be the biggest polluter in the Rio Grande Valley region, releasing greenhouse gases terrible for climate change and toxic air pollution like cancer-causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter that is dangerous for respiratory and reproductive health. Greenwashing the project by claiming to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions is an insult to the public’s intelligence.

We request that the Cameron County Commissioners, at the very least, publicize NextDecade’s carbon capture corporate presentation before voting on a resolution, so that the community can inquire about the proposal. Additionally, the below signed individuals and our organizations request a meeting with the Cameron County Commissioners in each respective district, to inform the commissioners of our concerns and opposition to Rio Grande LNG and the carbon capture storage facility. Please respond immediately to our requests.


Julissa Roman, Alton, TXFlor Martinez, McAllen, TX
Michelle Vallejo, Alton, TXNathaniel Mata, Mission, TX
Christopher Basaldú, PhD, Brownsville, TXEdgar Navejar, Mission, TX
Rick Cruz, Brownsville, TXJohn-Michael Torres, Mission, TX
Josette Hinojosa, Brownsville, TXJessica Tanguma, Mission , TX
Rebekah Hinojosa, Brownsville, TXMary Branch, Port Isabel, TX
Steven Lanoux, Brownsville, TXGaige Davila, Port Isabel, TX
Vicente Martinez Jr., Brownsville, TXJill Hinkel, Port Isabel, TX
Vanessa Metzger Gomez, Brownsville, TXMichael Bueno, Raymondville, TX
Adam Riezenman, Brownsville, TXIleen Montemayor, San Benito, TX
Gerardo Ruis, Brownsville, TXApril Montemayor, San Benito, TX
Xandra Trevino, Brownsville, TXLindsey Montemayor, San Benito, TX
Janelle Hinojosa, Brownsville, TXMaria Mendoza, San Juan , TX
Kenneth Saxon, Brownsville, TXJanet Brewer, South Padre Island, TX
Margarita Gonzalez, Donna, TXChrissy Dijkman, South Padre Island, TX
William Kershisnik, Edinburg, TXJerry Montgomery, South Padre Island, TX
Juan Mancias, Floresville, TXKerry Schwartz, South Padre Island, TX
Christa Mancias, Floresville, TXKenna Schwartz, South Padre Island, TX
Patricia Rubio, Harlingen, TXJohn Schwartz, South Padre Island, TX
Sarah Robledo, Harlingen, TXMelissa Smallman, South Padre Island, TX
Kyna Farmer, Laguna Vista, TXLucinda Wierenga, South Padre Island, TX
Monica Gonzalez, Laguna Vista, TXLes Elkins, South Padre Island, TX
Mary Volz, Laguna Vista, TXMichael Johnson, South Padre Island, TX
Nora Cantu, McAllen, TXJosé Sánchez, South Padre Island, TX
Julia Jorgensen, McAllen, TXKarina Ramirez, West Palm Beach, TX
Isidro Leal, McAllen, TX


Another Gulf Is Possible

Cameron County Democratic Women

Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas


Texas Sierra Club

Sandcastle Island, Inc.

Save RGV from LNG

Vets United to Stop the Wall

Signatories as of June 6, 2021:

Jennifer Dorr, Little Elm, TX

Samantha Yanes, South Padre Island, TX

Morris Edelstein, South Padre Island, TX

Jim Flowers, Marfa, TX

John Kayser, South Padre Island, TX

Lori Simmons, Floresville, TX

Jennifer Tidmore, Mout, AL

Samantha Herrera, Donna, TX

Suseth Munoz, Pharr, TX

Marc Anthony Vasquez, Weslaco, TX

Hannah Gordon, Edinburg, TX

Norma Herrera, Pharr, TX

Christa Mancias, Floresville, TX

Wendy Page, South Padre Island, TX

Sonia Rodriguez, Alamo, TX

Melissa Castorena, Palmhurst, TX

Frank De Hoyos, Weslaco, TX

Paul Donovan, South Padre Island, TX

Juan Tejeda, San Antonio, TX

Joshua Torres, Edinburg, TX

Skylar Wilhite, Brownsville, TX

Robert Radnik, San Benito, TX

Delia Rocha, San Benito, TX

Josue Ramirez, McAllen, TX

Rio Grande Valley No Border Wall Coalition

Trucha RGV

Voices Unidas

Resaca Vista Homes Inc.

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