A Just Laura Recovery


This webpage is being continually updated and is serving as a central information source for frontline-to-frontline direct resource & support mobilization. 

August 27, 2020, West Port Arthur, TX. Photos by Bryan Parras

Hurricane Laura has left a devastating track of damage, with landfall in the early hours of Thursday, August 27 at nearly Category 5 strength, one of the strongest storms to ever hit the United States. The particular area the storm hit is also one of the epicenters of the petro-chemical industry adding an even more insidious element to the recovery process. The land and water will surely be (further) toxified from the damage caused due to flooding from the storm surge, high velocity wind (up to 150 mph), in addition to the chemical spills, flares and fires being observed in the aftermath of the storm (see photos above and below). This is occuring in the midst of a pandemic impacting black and brown people the most, where community recovery efforts will need to take into account safe physical distancing and maintaining all public health best practices.

Where to Donate

Donate to Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative | We will distribute donations directly to indigenous, black, and brown frontline folks impacted by Hurricane Laura who currently don’t have online donations like Concerned Citizens of Mossville, as well as directly to individual families impacted by the storm. 

Better yet, here are some local folks we encourage giving to directly:

We are also asking for funders to help us develop long term just recovery infrastructure to increase our capacity to respond with mobile deployment of essential needs (food, water, phone charging, & healing justice offerings) for re-entry and re-building efforts.

Resources & Support