#NoRacistIdols in the Rio Grande Valley

On June 17, 2020, the monument to white supremacy, also known as the Jefferson Davis Memorial, was finally taken down in Brownsville, TX, after more than four years of protesting led by the Frontera Progressives organization and community members from across the Rio Grande Valley region. The voting decision by Brownsville City Commission to remove the monument was made last Tuesday after it was vandalized, or corrected, again by nameless artists with black paint and a new plaque that read “no racist idols.”

The City of Brownsville has moved the rock to a storage facility until the City Manager decides ownership because records show it could belong to the State of Texas. Our hope is that the rock doesn’t go back to any confederate groups. We disagree with the notion that it should go back to the original owner because it has been in Brownsville for 95 years, and instead feel that it should be pulverized into gravel, and the bronze plaque is melted down and recycled.

  Washington Park in Brownsville, TX

For more information about the importance of taking down monuments to losers like the racist confederates, check out this digital zine by Josue Ramirez, a local artist with Neta RGV.


A page from the No Racist Idols digital zine by Josue Ramirez.

One racist idol dismantled and more to be eliminated in the Rio Grande Valley region. 

Our community is home to the majority of people of color and indigenous people. Yet, you can still find buildings dedicated to white supremacists like Robert E. Lee on Texas Southmost College (TSC) Brownsville campus and racist sayings like the “redskins” mascot in Donna, TX. That’s why locals are continuing this movement to reclaim the region and educate the public about the racist history.

Check out this webpage with a list of all the buildings, monuments, and mascots dedicated to racists that we need to remove!

Contact us by email (anothergulfispossible@gmail.com), if you’ve spotted a racist idol in the Rio Grande Valley that needs to be on this list.


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