A Just Florence Recovery





  • Men and Women United for Youth and Families provides economic and climate justice training for rural, low income communities and communities of color in Bladen, New Hanover and Columbus counties (in the area around Wilmington, NC).  They are now distributing supplies to families in the area.
  • The Downeast Coal Ash Coalition in Goldsboro, NC organizes community members who have been impacted by coal ash pollution; this area is at now at high risk of toxic contamination from flooding of the large coal ash containment pits in the area.  Send donations to the Rebuilding Broken Places, CDC.
  • Sacred Pathways is an indigenous organization in Pembroke, NC, focusing on emergency response and food distribution for the area. This region (Robeson County) was severely flooded during Hurricane Matthew 2 years ago, and continues to face ongoing environmental injustices such as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and a proposed LNG station.  Give online by going to https://www.facebook.com/SacredPathway  or http://serve.uncp.edu/agency/detail/?agency_id=18937
  • The NC Environmental Justice Network supports the communities that are most impacted by environmental injustice and has worked for 20 years to change the fact that industrial swine facilities in NC are allowed to pollute low-income communities and communities of color. Many members of NCEJN are now facing the threat of contamination from the flooding of massive hog waste stored in open pits.
  • Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) organizes hundreds of new members each year, trains and educates thousands of farmworkers on their labor rights, resolve countless grievances on farms throughout Ohio and North Carolina, forms new community organizing committees, and expands the campaign to press tobacco companies to respect freedom of association. Farmworker communities, primarily Latinx, face a dual danger. The storm itself poses a direct threat to life and limb, but farmworkers now risk losing their entire livelihood as well. Undocumented workers are in an even more tenuous position, as reports of ICE agents circulating through damaged communities, and even standing guard over emergency shelters, begin to filter out of affected areas.

Fund to support frontline communities in Eastern NC

About NC Hurricane Florence Frontline Fund host organization – Blueprint has been supporting Eastern NC leaders to build a regional table that centers black and working class people. With Florence’s devastating impact, Blueprint and ENC partners, community members and leaders will need help meeting basic necessities like food, water and shelter. This fund will support groups that do not have the capacity to receive online donations, but who are already providing leadership and offering direct services to those bearing the brunt of economic and environmental devastation in the region. 

7 thoughts on “A Just Florence Recovery

  1. There does not appear to be clear direction to donate funds (by check) in lieu of supplies that will be solely directed to hurricane relief in Eastern NC.


    1. At this time you are correct, there isn’t a way to donate via check to the Just Florence Recovery fund, but you could mail one to any of the organizations listed in where to donate and place a note requesting it be earmarked for hurricane relief – all of the orgs listed are tirelessly working to support their members/communities impacted by the storm.


    2. You can send check donations to Blueprint NC and note hurricane relief and 100% of the funds will go directly to Florence recovery.


  2. Dee Gundel
    New Member ·
    September 26 at 9:19 AM

    HELP animals in NC! PLEASE! I need someone who can find animal food and get it sent to Rocky Point, and Burgaw NC. We have animals who made it through the storm and flooding but we are running out of food to give them. Many of them are still stranded and are being fed where they are stuck. I need someone who can do this without any direction. We need horse food, alpaca food, dog food, cat food, goat food, chicken foot, etc. I can give you the address where the food needs to go and I need you to look online and find groups wanting to donate supplies. PLEASE HELP!!!! Food needs to go to Lighthouse Worship Center 98 S Trade Way, Rocky Point, NC 28457 and we need food at Pender Human Society at 1407 NC 53W, Burgaw, NC 28425.


    1. Cause For Paws NC is collecting supplies for animals. I’ll send them a message now to let them now about the needs of Rocky Point and Burgaw, NC.


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