October 4 – 10:  Fuera SpaceX Week & Indigenous Peoples Day

October 4 – 10:  Fuera SpaceX Week & Indigenous Peoples Day 

Have a happy Fuera Space Week! Here’s a list of anti-SpaceX media to read, share, and enjoy. On October 4, 2022, the City of Brownsville brazenly passed a proclamation honoring Elon Musk’s SpaceX project from October 4 – 10, just after the rocket company destroyed 68 acres of a protected wildlife refuge. In response, Brownsville residents have passed their proclamation declaring it ~ Fuera SpaceX Week ~ and October 10th as Indigenous People’s Day for the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas.

Here’s the People’s proclamation declaring Fuera SpaceX Week and Indigenous People’s Day in the Rio Grande Valley:

Day 1: Watch the video: Stop SpaceX Colonization of the Rio Grande Valley.

The video: Stop SpaceX Colonization of the Rio Grande Valley, Texas by the Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative features testimonials from local community members speaking out about harmful SpaceX operations at the April 6, 2021, City of Brownsville Commission Meeting. 


Day 2: Read anti-SpaceX Zines.

Day 3: Read & Share local news articles about the impacts of SpaceX.

Emma, Guevara. (2021, December). What Journalists Should Know Before Reporting on SpaceX at Boca Chica Beach, Trucha RGV.

Xandra Treviño, Michelle Serrano, Patricia Rubio, Juan Mancias, Dave Cortez, and Freddy Jimenez. (2021, October 16). Environmentalists: SpaceX’s negative impacts on Boca Chica are clear and numerous, Rio Grande Guardian.

Erin Sheridan. (2022, May 24). The Fine Print: Exploring Musk’s Impact, Local Leaders’ Complacency, & the Community’s Struggle.Trucha RGV.

Erin Sheridan. (2022, June 24). The Fine Print Part Two; SpaceX’s Lack of Transparency As a Tool for Recolonization, Trucha RGV

Freddy Jimenez. (2022, March 21). Commentary: On the Shoulders of Giants, Trucha RGV

Josue Ramirez. (2022 January 24). Space Exed, A Forced Rebranding. Trucha RGV
Isamel M. (2021, April 6). Rio Grande Valley Against SpaceX. Trucha RGV.

Day 4: Watch ¡ Sabado Night Live !

On May 8, 2021, residents of the Rio Grande Valley area and organizations: Trucha RGV, Las Imaginistas, and Another Gulf Is Possible spoke out about the dangers of SpaceX in the community. The demonstrators created a mock sketch show in response to Elon Musk’s nationally syndicated Saturday Night Live appearance. The video is also available on Facebook.

Read about the production on Texas Public Radio: https://www.tpr.org/border-immigration/2021-05-12/spacex-rio-grande-valley-local-concerns-grow

Day 5: Share anti-SpaceX art and graphics.

Graphics from DSA RGV: Elon Musk’s financial contributions (Instagram)

Here’s a gallery of graphics to download, post, and share:

Day 6: Sign up to receive a free anti-SpaceX lawn sign & sticker.

Link to request online: bit.ly/rgvfreebies

Here’s a link to the Spanish language form: bit.ly/rgvregalitos 

 *Lawn signs are available only for Rio Grande Valley residents.

Day 7: Indigenous People’s Day for the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas

Cities like San Antonio and Austin have passed proclamations establishing Oct 10 as Indigenous Peoples Day to replace Columbus Day. However, the City of Brownsville has passed a proclamation that overlapped SpaceX Week (Oct 4 -10) on Indigenous Peoples Day (Oct 10). This is blatant colonization by the City of Brownsville. Learn more about the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas, the original Native people of this region.

Website: http://carrizocomecrudonation.org/

Donate to the Tribe’s GoFundMe.

Origination: The Carrizo/Comecrudo-Estok Gna place themselves in Texas prior to any other tribe that has arrived, migrated, or was displaced into Texas, a land we call Somi-Sek thousands of years before outside contact. Our oral traditions tell us who we are and the recorded history of Texas places us as the aboriginal and autochthonous people of Texas for a minimum of seven centuries.

Historical Account: First Contact with Europeans and Carrizo/Comecrudo was when the Governor of Bermuda sent boats to find the Rio Grande River in circa 1512.

Culture: The Carrizo/Comecrudo are the Hokam speaking people of the Texas/Mexico Rio Grande Delta and surrounding area. On Page 145 of the John Swanton Bulletin 127 publication that can be found at the Smithsonian, it identifies the Comecrudan Dialect being the resident language even after the two migrations of the Uto Aztecan from the South and the Athabascan from the North.

Historic Accounts: Book cited research includes: “Peyote Cult” by Weston Labarre, and “Peyote Religion” by Omar Stewart in which the Carrizo/Comecrudo are described as the “one”s that helped in maintaining and preserving identities through the introduction of peyote to other Nations.

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