Interdependence March

 On Saturday, August 20th, we marched through the streets of New Orleans, stopping at 6 sites of resistance, in solidarity and with love. Our route:

  • Start: Lafayette Square, site of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, to demand federal action by Obama on our interconnected struggles for justice.
  • 1st Stop: TO CHANGE EVERYTHING, WE NEED EVERYONE at Shell Headquarters
  • 2nd Stop: FEARLESS MIGRATION at ICE Office
  • 3rd Stop: BLACK LIVES MATTER (1st stop) at Monument to White Supremacy
  • 4th Stop: LOVE IS LIBERATION at Upstairs Lounge
  • 5th Stop: BLACK LIVES MATTER (2nd stop) at French Quarter Police Station
  • 6th Stop: INDIGENOUS RISING across street from Jackson Square
  • Closing: WATER IS A HUMAN RIGHT at the Mississippi River